Latest Events


Annual Result Day 2018

20 February
At 08:00 am
Annual Result Declaration Ceremony held at GCCI (Gujranwala Chamber of Commerce & Industries)
08 November
At 11:00 am
Sports Day 2017 Commenced at Jinnah Stadium Gujranwala; in which participated all the campuses.

Cheetos Event 2016

20 April
At 10:30 am
Cheetos Foods organised an event for students recreation in Boys Campus for Class 7th to 10th Students.


We Are Providing

Quality Education at reasonable and affording price for students belonging all the walks of life. You can Trust Us.

Satisfaction for parents, we would provide education & manners to your childs; also they would provided the opportunities to participate in Sports & other Extra Curricular Activities.

About Us

Why We Are Special

The mission of Talent Science School is to develop the intellect, talents, and character of each student in a community of learning dedicated to principles of academic excellence.

Our Philosphy
A central focus of TSS is to offer a strong and rigorous academic program that is responsive to the developmental and learning needs of our students. Facilities that enhance the ability of the faculty to teach, and opportunities for faculty development, are essential ingredients in the academic enterprise.
Our Commitment
We are committed to honesty, justice, charity, and the pursuit of knowledge. We respect the dignity and worth of all human beings—their thoughts, their feelings, and their individuality. We seek to celebrate the joy, the love, and the creativity that emanate from the human spirit.
Our History
In 1970, Jajja Academy became the first well known academy in Gujranwala, enrolling 106 students in 10th grade. Further more expanding to Schooling System later on in 2004.
Our Values
The pursuit of excellence will remain a defining element of the TSS experience. Happiness and balance will become primary values in the culture and in shaping the experience of students. Our commitment to inclusion will enable every member of our community to feel an equal sense of belonging.
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