Our philosphy

Emergent Curriculum

Talent Science Schools educational philosophy is centered around an emergent curriculum process. This means that we do not have a set curriculum that we use each year to teach a child of a certain age or developmental capacity. While some particular classes have become tradition in our school, such as our All School Play, the course of study that each child embarks on yearly can be slightly or dramatically different depending on the child’s needs or interests. A sharing of ideas also occurs within the peer group and often within the whole school that may result in a consensus decision amongst the students to study a certain topic for a 6-8 week block. These theme blocks will manifest themselves uniquely for each student and while they study a common topic with their peers, their personal goals and abilities will be honored within that study. It is understood that teachers have the primary responsibility for curriculum development, setting the atmosphere for learning, and creating an environment where the mission and the goals of the school can be met. Curriculum is often taken to mean a course of study. When we set our imaginations free from the narrow notion that a course of study is a series of textbooks or specific outline of topics to be covered and objectives to be obtained, broader and more meaningful notions emerge. A curriculum can become one’s life course of action. It can mean the paths we have followed and the paths we intend to follow. This is primarily accomplished in our school by the use of collaborative goal-setting between the students, teachers, and parents. Although our curriculum emerges each year, you will generally find these things within it:

Our Commitment

Educational Democracy

Talent Science School is a democratic school and therefore runs accordingly with parents, students and teachers having honored voices. Our parents, teachers and students use the democratic process of consensus to make decisions at all levels in the school from administrative policies, educational practice and curriculum to cleaning the school and managing its daily functioning. Our students learn to use this process from a very young age to make decisions with a group in their classrooms as well as set rules and goals for the school in their weekly All School Meetings. Our school offers unique opportunities for children to express their desires and interests and to influence their own education. Children are often asked about what they would like to learn and in response use the consensus process to come to agreements for study themes in their peer groups. They are also consulted about many other things in the school from what the All School Play will be to physical changes of the school building or grounds.

Our History

How Talent Science School became a leader in education

Founded in 2004, in our history we have already established ourselves as a first class destination for education and rank among the best private schools in the region. The real-world focus of our programmes means that we are the ever-evolving leader in the field of quality education.

Our Values

Community, Equity, Enmagement & High Expectations

Talent Science School involves students, parents, teachers and the community to support student learning to build a school that is a hub for the community. We firmly believe that students will learn best when engaged with the community and when the community is invested in student learning- ensuring that we are all achieving at the highest level. TSS supports every student in our community and creates a learning environment in which ALL of our diverse learners can achieve their highest potential. We believe that ALL students have the capability to learn at a high level and we encourage them to live up to their potential. TSS staff and students hold the highest expectations for their own achievement and believe in the power of their community. We align curriculum, instruction and assessments as an accountability tool for continuous learning as we prepare our students for college.